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How to Make Your Weekend More Intentional

Ah, the weekend. What a great time to recharge your batteries from a tiring week at work. Burnout is a real thing, and it’s important that we spend our breaks actually recharging. Before you spend the entire thing wrapped in a blanket binge-watching the newest true crime series on Netflix (which is good, too!), we have some suggestions. 

Many people find themselves feeling like they’ve wasted their weekend come Monday. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you! Making your weekend more intentional can help you feel relaxed and productive by the time that work week alarm goes off again. Let’s look at 5 ways to make your weekend more intentional. 

1: Grab a Coffee and Get Your Errands Done 

To start, we need to talk about running errands. While this might not be the highlight of your weekend, you’ll feel better once you get them done. If you don’t have time to chip away at them after work during the week, try to go Friday night. Or, if you’re too tired, make a point of getting up early Saturday morning before the crowds. Grab a cup of coffee at your favorite shop and enjoy the quiet hours. 

2: Put the Mascara Down

If you spend the work week having to do a full face every morning, why not take a break? Not only will you not have to put the energy into it, your skin will thank you. For example, spend Sunday with a clean face after a night out, or the whole weekend if you’re feeling it. Grab a face mask for some extra self love, too!

3: Unplug From Social Media 

Many of us spend the week staring at screens, and may even need to check social media for work. The weekend is a great time to let yourself unplug and step away from the smartphone. Try taking a walk without your phone, or leave it in another room. Your brain will appreciate the break from doom scrolling TikTok for hours. 

4: Hang Out With Friends

Your weekend is exactly that. YOUR weekend. It’s important not to overbook yourself with social activities, or you’ll be totally drained by Monday. You should, however, make time for your friends. If you like to go out at night, schedule either Friday or Saturday.

If nightlife isn’t your thing, leave an afternoon open for lunch or going to the park. Limiting your social time will help you feel more refreshed. This is especially important if you have a job that requires you to talk to people all day.    

5: Actually Rest 

This one is super important. When we say you should make your weekend more intentional, we do not mean jam packing it with activities! Always make sure to leave yourself time to actually rest and recharge. Turn off your alarm, watch your favorite show or do some reading. Whatever makes you happy, make time for it! 

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the weekend doesn’t need to be exhausting. Making a more intentional weekend can help you maintain balance and feel good when your alarm beeps Monday morning.

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