Statement on Roe v Wade -

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Statement on Roe v Wade by Thrive Owner Lynne King Smith

Thrive was formed by women, for women. Our mission is to be a supportive community for working women to thrive.
We believe in the empowerment of women to make all decisions about their lives. And to do so with the supportive community they choose including their trusted circle, family, or standing alone.
We also recognize the complexity of the issue our country is facing around a woman’s right to choose abortion. While we may all have differing views about what is right for us at any given time, when the rights of women to make decisions about their lives are challenged or worse yet, removed, history tells us our communities suffer.

We are deeply saddened and concerned for the health of women, families and communities with the potential of the reversal of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court and the failure of the US Senate to codify the protections for women.
The degree to which women have full rights to choose their own life path has a direct effect on the health of families, communities, cities, and the businesses that support our lives.

Every day at Thrive, we see this in action as our members do work and life together. We will always speak up and speak out for the betterment of our members, women in our communities and nation.

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