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Working Seasonally: Welcome In The Growth Of Spring

If you’re looking for a more mindful way to run your business or set your work initiatives, consider working with the seasons. The idea is that every season has a theme that allows for more mindful planning and goal-setting. This blog post is all about the growth and expansion of spring! 

After the stillness, manifestation and planning of winter, spring is finally the time to set things into motion. In nature, spring is all about planting and rebirth. Here in the Gilbert area, it’s warm…sometimes, warmer than warm. And that means we’re seeing our favorite trees, flowers and plants bloom to life. There’s color all around us.

At home, this season also ushers in the mentality of “spring cleaning” and, really, it’s no different in our work life, either. Before we can nurture and grow the new offerings, programs and dreams we’ve planted, we first need to clear the clutter. Early spring is a great time to get rid of, or just wrap-up, the clients, projects or processes that no longer serve you.

This allows you to start “giving life” to the ideas that were brewing during the winter months. Finalize your action plan. Set milestones and deadlines, and get moving on checking off those items on your to-do list. Once you’ve made space for what matters, springtime is all about ACTION.

The spring season is also an ideal time to launch new products or programs—and not just because it’s full of natural abundance. Consider this: It’s the season between the holiday festivities and summer slow-down. Your customers are (mostly) home from vacation and travel. They’re listening and eager to engage. They’re feeling energized and motivated, and likely ready to try something new or push ahead on that thing you’ve all been planning forever

Now’s the time to make real strides in your work. Get to it!

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