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Thrive Member Spotlight – Meghann Hanvey

Meet Meghann, a dynamic force in the Thrive community and a recruiting leader at Bobbie, a mom-founded infant formula company. With a rich background in software and a passion for the CPG industry, Meghann’s journey to Thrive has been inspiring. As a mom to a three-year-old and a devoted partner to her husband since their ASU days, she balances a bustling home life with her professional pursuits. Discover more about Meghann’s experiences and insights in our interview with her.

Member Introduction

My name is Meghann, and I’ve been a Thrive member for over two years now! I lead recruiting at a mom-founded and led infant formula company, Bobbie. Prior to Bobbie, I worked in software, so making the change to CPG was a learning curve, but a leap I am so glad I took. Connect with me on LinkedIn!

Personally, I’m a mom to a 3-year-old little girl and have been with my husband since we were 19. We met at ASU and lived in Austin and San Diego before deciding to settle back in the desert 6 years ago. I love iced tea from AJ’s and trying all the kids’ meals from the restaurants in DT Gilbert when I’m working from Thrive.

What Brought Them to Thrive

I had been working from home pre-pandemic, so it was always normal to me and I loved my home office. We were lucky to have my mom watch our daughter the first year, but it significantly changed the work-from-home experience LOL. I needed to be able to truly disconnect from home and focus on work, so when I saw that Thrive was less than a 5-minute drive from my house and was also founded by women for women, it was a no-brainer.

Experience at Thrive

Truly, what is there not to love about Thrive?! From the beautiful decor, natural light, Braelyn’s warm welcome, and being surrounded by motivated, sharp women, it’s the best place to co-work. The member perks of refreshments and events are great, and I love that I have my dedicated desk to call my home away from home.

How does Thrive help you stay on track with your work and professional goals?

When I come to Thrive, I can zone in and get sh*t done! I notice that I am significantly more productive when I’m at Thrive vs. working from home now. There is everything you need to get your job done no matter what you do—conference rooms, a podcast area, offices, printer, chargers, batteries. Thrive really sets me up for success.

What advice or message would you like to share with your fellow Thrive members?

Take advantage of the community! There are so many entrepreneurs, corporate, and start-up employees who work out of the space. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge and help empower each other.

Thrive isn’t just a workspace; it’s a vibrant community of inspiring women who support and empower each other. With its beautiful decor, abundant amenities, and welcoming atmosphere, Thrive provides the perfect environment to boost productivity and achieve your professional goals. If you’re looking for a space to focus, connect, and grow, consider trying out Thrive for yourself. Join us and discover the difference a dedicated, empowering workspace can make in your life and career!

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