Lynne King Smith in The Phoenix Business Journal -


Lynne King Smith in The Phoenix Business Journal: Welcoming the Tech Industry to the Valley of the Sun

Thrive Co-Owner Lynne King Smith shared her perspective on the numbers behind the current exodus of workers from California, explaining why this is Arizona’s time to seize upon this job shift to usher in a solid economic future—all for a recent opinion piece in The Phoenix Business Journal.

Here’s a quick snippet:

For a long time, California was considered the heart of our country’s tech industry and culture. Because so many companies and firms got their start in Silicon Valley, people had trouble envisioning a spread of the tech industry into other parts of America.

But the past few years have shown a new trend. The recent “tech exodus” is opening new doors and changing perceptions of the future of the tech industry.

Arizona is lucky to be one of the hotspots where tech talent and ideas are spilling over…READ MORE.

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