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Dig Deep: Cultivating Willpower to Stick to Your Goals

In this wonderful time of self-care and self-improvement, we’re all looking for ways to better ourselves. Whether it’s eating better, shopping less, or spending more time outside, there always seems to be something getting in our way. More often than not, we’re the ones getting in our own way. In 2022, we could all use a little more willpower.

What is Willpower?

It’s the self-control and discipline that help us pursue our goals despite the distractions, temptations, and obstacles that may get in our way. 

How to Increase Your Willpower

Nourish Your Brain

Your brain is your major decision-making muscle. Incorporate brain foods into regular nutritious meals to keep your brain sufficiently fed and functioning at its best.

Create Small but Motivating Habits

Start developing your discipline and self-control muscle with simple daily habits. Something as simple as drinking a glass of water and making your bed first thing in the morning can help you increase your willpower over time. 

Get Enough Sleep

Rest is equally as important to your brain as nutrition. Generally, 7-8 hours of restful sleep is optimal for healthy brain function.

Take Things Slow

Real change takes time. Increasing your willpower won’t happen overnight, so give yourself grace by continuing to take a daily, gradual approach.

Give Yourself Breaks

No one can operate at maximum self-discipline all the time. Give yourself snack breaks, TV time, and naps to recharge so you can return to your goals focused and refreshed.

Create a Manageable To-Do List

Create a to-do list of tasks that you know you have the ability to conquer today. We tend to get ambitious and overwhelm ourselves with tomorrow’s and next week’s tasks. Just focus on today.

Begin Each Day With a Warmup

Your brain activity and willpower actually receive a significant boost from activities that get your blood pumping. Something as simple as a 5 minute morning warmup of stretching or squats is enough to get your brain juices flowing for the day.

Give Yourself a Willpower Reset

Just like a muscle, your willpower tires and needs to be restored. A brisk 5-minute walk and a handful of sweet berries can help clear and refuel your mind within a few minutes.

Follow the “First Thing in the Morning” Method

Start every day by tackling the most critical task on your list first. These more daunting tasks take a lot of our willpower, so it’s best to get them out of the way “first thing in the morning” when our self-discipline is at its strongest.

Maintain a Habit List

The greatest challenge when applying new habits is remembering them. Choose a few new habits from our list above and put them into a simple table that you can check off each day. 

As you incorporate more of these habits into your routine, you’ll feel your willpower begin to improve, and you’ll experience the satisfaction of committing to positive change. 

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