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5 Podcasts to Add to Your Queue in 2020

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By: Katarina Kovacevic

Looking to shake-up your podcast line-up this New Year? Here are five podcasts to consider adding to your “must-listen” list.

Have Heart Podcast

Have Heart is a podcast that makes it cool to care and—bonus!—it’s run by two Valley woman, Kaia Placa and Kelly Shannon. The show covers a variety of topics, from affordable wellness hacks to passionate political debates, tackling fun and weighty topics with humor and curiosity. As if that weren’t enough to make it into our 2020 podcast lineup, one of their first episodes features Thrive Coworking for Women’s very own Braelyn Smith!

The Women’s Leadership Podcast

By the time this blog post goes live, The Women’s Leadership Podcast will technically be in-between seasons, but season 4, titled The Heroine’s Journey, is so good that I absolutely can’t let you miss it. Hosted by activist and leadership coach, Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, the eight-episode collection offers a step-by-step guide to real, vital (and sometimes painful!) change that we undergo on our mission to step into our roles as women leaders.

Good Ancestor Podcast

From LaTham Thomas to Glennon Doyle, host Layla F. Saad interviews change-makers and culture-shapers working to create legacies of healing and liberation for current and future generations. The powerful conversations are driven by Layla’s personal mission to answer one burning question: “How can I be a Good Ancestor for those who will come after I’m gone?” The episodes will leave you feeling hopeful and inspired to ask yourself the same.

WSJ Secrets Of Wealthy Women

I like money. I want more of it. And I’m tired of feeling guilty or weird about that. The Wall Street Journal’s Secrets of Wealthy Women podcast is a crash-course in how to empower yourself financially. The short-but-substantive episodes profile successful women executives, workplace pioneers, self-made millionaires and money-savvy experts on topics ranging from getting out of debt to investing starting your own business.

Good Together: Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Living

Brought to you by ethical experts Laura Alexander Wittig and Liza Moiseeva, each one of these 30-minute episodes features actionable tips to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. If you’re curious about “zero waste” or want to know about things like slow fashion and the circular economy, this is the podcast to listen to. It’s informative, but not preachy.

Katarina Kovacevic is the owner of Redefined Communications, a company offering blogging and ghostwriting services for women in leadership, and female-focused and purpose-driven businesses. 


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