EPISODE 4 | Marketing Mavens Webinar partnership with Ticketforce

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We’ve invited Diana Brafford of Real Social, Jordanne Pallesen of Olive Creative Strategies, and Katarina Alaupovic of Redefined Communications to chat with our Sales & Growth Director, Rosemary Watson about trends we’ve seen in marketing this year, and what is on the horizon in the industry for 2020.

Katarina Alaupovic is the founder of Redefined Communications, providing ghostwriting and blogging services for women in leadership, and female-focused and purpose-driven businesses. She’s a soon-to-be mother of two and longtime Gilbert resident.

As a digital marketer turned business owner, Diana Braffird does much more than curate absurdly inventive content for clients. After working both freelance and within an agency, Diana decided to launch her own boutique agency, Real Social. With a primary focus on organic social media management and digital content creation, Real Social’s goal is simple: drive business through a game-changing social media strategy.

Through detailed analytics, industry-specific strategy implementation, a knack for brand development and an enthusiasm for delivering measurable results, Diana will show you just how powerful the beast that is social media can be…and there’s nothing tame about it.

Jordanne’s public relations and integrated marketing experience has included a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from apparel and fashion to health and wellness and consumer electronics. She has executed successful digital and traditional marketing campaigns, increased brand awareness, and constructed impactful messaging. She has secured hundreds of top-tier media coverage opportunities in some of the world’s top publications. In addition to working with traditional media outlets, Jordanne worked in event management at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, where she fulfilled a lifelong dream of diving with great white sharks. She has also worked with the entertainment industry and secured prominent product placement in Universal Studios feature films, Ride Along and 50 Shades of Grey. Jordanne currently serves as the Director of Arizona for Olive Creative Strategies, where she leads business development and amplifies the stories of the most positively powerful people and brands.

Rosemary Watson | Productions is a creative studio helps successsful female entrepreneurs pivot from their service based work, and build online personal brands and digital offerings to create more freedom in their lives & businesses.

She lives with her husband and six kids in Mesa, AZ renovating the home she grew up in.

You can connect with Rosemary on all the social media platforms at the handle @rosemarywatson and visit her website at

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