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Thrive Member Spotlight: Jordanne Pallesen, Olive Creative Strategies

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By: Katarina Kovacevic

We’re lucky to have an incredible community here at Thrive Coworking for Women—one that’s full of
badass, hardworking ladies who are doing really amazing things. To celebrate that, we thought we’d kick-
off a new series where, every so often, we take some time to spotlight an interesting Thrive member.
Take this opportunity to get to know some of the incredible women who surround you! And, hopefully, it’ll
serve as a little icebreaker the next time you see a familiar face around the office.

Let’s get things started with a quick Q+A with Jordanne Pallesen, Director of Arizona for Olive Creative
Strategies. Olive Creative Strategies is a national boutique public relations and marketing agency on a
mission to amplify the stories of the most positively powerful brands and people. They’re known for hard-
hitting media relations results, robust and engaging social media campaigns, and thoughtful activations
that create a buzz. Get to know Jordanne:

Thanks for chatting with us, Jordanne! To get started, can you tell us…what inspires you on the

I love meeting female entrepreneurs who are mothers. I am always amazed by women who kick ass at
work, and then go home to give love and energy to their tiny monsters. There is something extraordinary
about the juxtaposition of a fierce female in the workforce and an incredible loving mother at home. Shout
out to Thrive’s very own Rosemary Watson—she blows me away with her creativity, energy and ability to
manage her large family!

What would you say is your biggest challenge as a creative entrepreneur?

Finding balance. In my 20s, I was single and my career was my only focus. Now that I have a family, juggling home-life, self-care and work can be overwhelming. I try to find joy in the simple moments
throughout the day (like getting to work in a beautiful space) and being with my son always brings me back to a grateful state.

Love that! You’re one of the hardest-working women I’ve seen at Thrive, so I know you’ve got a good answer for this one: What’s one of your biggest recent “wins?”

I recently booked a client a Today Show segment. The Today Show is personally my favorite national morning news program, so it was extra thrilling for me to work behind the scenes to create an amazing segment for viewers.

That’s awesome, congrats! Finally, what is one piece of advice you would offer to a fellow Thrive member who wants to succeed in the public relations or marketing industry?

Don’t stop learning! The public relations and media landscapes are changing daily. Immerse yourself in the latest media trends, and PR and marketing education that’s available at your fingertips.

Want to be featured in our next Thrive Member Spotlight? Comment your name and website below!

Katarina Kovacevic is the owner of Redefined Communications, a company offering blogging and ghostwriting services for women in leadership, and female-focused and purpose-driven businesses. She’s also the founder and editor of RUBY Media, a digital media company that promotes female camaraderie, supports sisterhood and inspires women to make a difference in the world. You can connect with Katarina on Instagram or LinkedIn, or with RUBY on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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