Thrive’s Core Values: What It Means To Be ‘Committed’

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By: Katarina Kovacevic

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We waxed poetic in last week’s post about how Thrive Coworking for Women isn’t just about work, but it’s also about building a community that’s centered on four core values—welcoming, committed, open and contributing. You can read all about what it means to be welcoming at Thrive here.


In an effort to help you get to know us a little better, in this blog post we’ll talk about the second core value, committed. At Thrive, our hope is that we’re creating a space where working women can find the support and inspiration they need to succeed in their careers—whether you’re a solopreneuer, burgeoning business owner, or virtual employee of a larger company. 

We know you’re committed to your job and we’re committed to helping you get better at it every day with sessions and workshops on topics like growing and scaling a business, building a team and organizing your finances. (Before we move on, let’s get it straight: Even the most dedicated business bad ass has a life outside of work, so we’re all about welcoming fun into our days, too, as evidenced by our events calendar.)

But Thrive members aren’t just committed to their own work; they’re also committed to our spirit of networking and working with others. Case in point: Sam Sterk of Eighty88 and Julie Ray of Julie Ray Creative, two designers who met here at Thrive and are now launching the Ask A Designer series—a 30-minute chat with the creative powerhouses where you can get answers to all of your most pressing design questions like, “What’s a vector logo?” or “Should I start my own design business?”

(Pssst…not only do you get access to their expertise, but you’ll also receive a free day pass to Thrive Coworking for Women when you signup! Book a slot right here.)

Do you have any questions about what it’s like to be a member of the community here at Thrive Coworking for Women? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Katarina Kovacevic is the owner of Redefined Communications, a company offering blogging and ghostwriting services for women in leadership, and female-focused and purpose-driven businesses. She’s also the founder and editor of RUBY Media, a digital media company that promotes female camaraderie, supports sisterhood and inspires women to make a difference in the world. You can connect with Katarina on Instagram or LinkedIn, or with RUBY on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter


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