Our Favorite Women's Empowerment Brands - thriveaz.com

By: Marissa Carnahan

Since 2010, National Social Media Day has been a way to recognize the impact that social media has had on bringing people together all over the world. In honor of today, we’re spotlighting some of our favorite women’s empowerment brands.

The Coven
Minneapolis is home to The Coven, a beautifully designed coworking space, welcoming women, non-binary and trans individuals. Not only do they offer functional work spaces, the team at The Coven hosts weekly learning gatherings that cover topics such as money making, connection, wellness and advocacy. We love their passion and commitment to inclusivity. Follow The Coven on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Meant To Be Me
Based out of Gilbert, Meant To Be Me is an education group that helps intentional mothers empower their daughters with confidence. For girls in 4th-7th grade, Meant To Be Me offers classes and workshops that teach them to practice self-compassion, nourish self-worth and develop confidence so they can show up as their best, most genuine selves in all areas of life; lessons that will stay with them as they grow. And Meant To Be Me hosts events out of Thrive! Follow Meant To Be Me on Facebook and Instagram.

One Roof
Founded out of Australia, One Roof is a digital membership community for business women. Members learn from each other, challenge each other and hold each other accountable to do their best to succeed. No matter your specific business needs, from fundraising, product/service testing, to hiring, the One Roof community helps you navigate any challenges that come up in your entrepreneurial journey. Follow One Roof on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

League of Extraordinary Women
As an online community, League of Extraordinary Women connects women from across the globe to inspire and motivate one another to go after what brings them the most joy. From sharing relatable challenges, to holding each other accountable to their game-changing goals, League of Extraordinary Women is a platform for women to elevate each other to do extraordinary things. Follow League of Extraordinary Women on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

R29 Unbothered
Made for and by Black millennial women, R29 Unbothered is a media platform dedicated to celebrating the beauty, strength and power in the Black community. Their exceptional columns cover powerful stories of business success, spirituality, love and more. On social media, R29 Unbothered frequently spotlights “Black-owned” businesses, as well as other great ways to support the Black Community. Follow R29 Unbothered on Instagram.

The Hivery
Based out of San Francisco, The Hivery is a digital community and inspiration lab that provides resources and connections to help women propel forward in their professional endeavors. From mentorship, training and kind support, The Hivery offers women incredible opportunities to learn and excel. For members ready to make big moves towards their next chapter, The Hivery offers a six week incubator mentorship and accountability program that includes coaching on taking action, maintaining momentum and promoting growth. Follow The Hivery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Riveter
A champion of gender equity, The Riveter advocates for meaningful change and breaking down barriers that women face in the workplace. To work towards these initiatives, The Riveter provides tactical “how-to” programs on activism, allyship, organizing, lobbying, civic engagement and leadership. Additionally, live workshops, special events, and ample digital resources offer even more opportunities to advance workplace diversity, equity and inclusion. Follow The Riveter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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