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Hey, Members! Don’t Miss These Important Updates From Braelyn

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We’re heading into busy season here at Thrive Coworking for Women! Before things get too crazy, we wanted to share a quick update from Braelyn and team:


  1. Fall is usually quite busy for us, so if you’re looking to get a dedicated desk space at Thrive, sign up soon! We usually tend to fill up in the fall season.
  2. We have a bunch of fun things planned for fall, including a Halloween bar crawl, Friendsgiving and free coworking Fridays all season! Keep an eye on our events page to stay in the loop on all of the excitement.
  3. Thrive Coworking for Women is now on Discord, a platform originally made for gamers to connect and voice chat. The best way we like to describe it is if Slack + Zoom had a baby together, you’d get Discord. It operates like Slack with different channels, but also allows us to host video meetings and voice calls. We use it to let members know of any special events, space announcements and to connect with one another! We are really trying to create an online community that is similar to our in-person community here at Thrive, so come join us on Discord.
  4. Fall and winter are usually our most event-heavy seasons, from Friendsgiving to our annual Christmas party, Thrive is the place to be for fall! Not to mention, once fall hits and we can open up all our doors here at Thrive, it’s so lovely to work with the cool breeze in the space! So come on down and hang out with us!



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